How To Turn Off Timer On Daikin Air Conditioner Remote

I just started using my Daikin air conditioner remote and it was working great but then after about 10 minutes I pressed the timer button on my Daikin air conditioner remote to turn off the timer on my Daikin air conditioner and it won’t let me turn off the timer anymore.

What did I do wrong? I was trying to set a timer that turned the Daikin air conditioner off after 3 hours of use but now I can’t even turn off the timer on my Daikin air conditioner remote anymore.

How to turn off timer on daikin ac remote
turn off timer on daikin ac remote

Turning off the remote timer

The timer function on the remote control allows you to program the unit so that it can cool or heat your home when you want. The timer sets a one-hour time limit and then operates the mode indicated by the button (heat, air conditioner, fan) in cycle operation at intervals of one hour.

The display will count down from 00:00 hours to show how much time is left before turning off automatically. When turned on in Cooling mode, for example, 1H: 00 will be displayed for 100 minutes after which the temperature will drop to reach room temperature.

Turning off the digital thermostat

Turn off the timer on your Daikin air conditioner by pressing and holding the Function button. Continue to hold this button until you see it off on the screen. If you press any of the other buttons during this time, you’ll need to start over from scratch by shutting off power to your system and turning it back on.

Once you’ve seen it off on the screen, go ahead and release your finger from the Function button.

Manual timers

DAIKIN WALL SPLI remote controller

1. Locate the timers that are built into your remote and find the one you want to change.

2. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds to enter the setup mode for that timer. Once it is in setup mode, you will notice a blue screen on your remote and an arrow will blink on a number at the top of the screen.

3. Press Up or Down on your remote until it shows OFF. Press OK to save it so you can’t accidentally change it later.

You will also notice when you press down on a digit, there are lines around where that digit is selected as opposed to other digits which have a dotted line indicating they are not yet selected.

Tips on using manual timers

By clicking the OFF button, this can be done. The default time for the timer is four hours and can be increased or decreased in fifteen-minute increments by pressing the + button. Pressing the – button will decrease the amount of time until it reaches zero, at which point, it will automatically shut off.

This timer cannot be set to more than 23 hours from when it was first turned on. You can also use the remote control to turn it on and off a number of times until you reach four hours in total before manually turning it off with buttons on the unit.

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Choose the option No Time

Open the remote control and press the Mode button. The digital display will show OFF. Press the Mode button one more time and a single ‘2’ should light up in the upper left-hand corner of the display. Press and hold 1 on the remote control for two seconds.

If a ‘1’ flashes in the upper left-hand corner of the display, you are successfully changing your unit to timer mode. Release 1 once you see it flashing. Now press 2 on your remote to turn off this feature when you want to go back to automatic mode.

Operating Guide for Daikin AC Remote

The remote is straightforward and you can easily get the hang of it. When starting, point the remote towards the air conditioner and make sure you are in front of it.

The power button is on the left side of the remote when you look at it head-on. The timer button is below that one and will allow you to adjust to the desired amount of time needed.

Section Description

To turn off the timer on your Daikin air conditioner remote, push the TIMER button once. You will see a TIMER ON pop-up on the screen. Now press it again, and you will see TIMER OFF show up. Confirm by pressing ON/OFF to save your settings.


How do I change the time on the Daikin AC remote?

To set the clock’s time, press and hold the button. The on-timer feature is activated by pressing the ON TIMER button. Set the required time by pushing the ON TIMER button continually

How can I enable the timer on my air conditioner?

First, start your air conditioner. Next, find the timer button on your remote and select the desired time frame using the up and down arrows. After that, simply press the “set” button to finish.

You might need to consult your air conditioner’s manual for more information as this might be rather involved.

How is the AC timer turned on and off?

1. Press the ON/OFF button to power the device if it isn’t already on.

2. Push the OFF TIMER button on the AC remote’s bottom.

3. Set the time you want your air conditioner to turn off using the UP or DOWN arrow keys on the TIMER button.

4. Activate the SET button.

What purpose does the AC’s sleep mode serve?

In sleep mode, the air conditioner will control the room’s temperature and raise it by 0.5 to 1 degree Celsius every hour, with a maximum increase of 3 degrees Celsius per hour. With this setting, the air conditioner will keep you cool and cozy all night.

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What I would suggest doing is finding the timer button on the bottom of the remote. Press this and then set a 2-hour timer if you want To Turn Off the Timer On Daikin Air Conditioner Remote. You should hear a beep when it’s set, and now your air conditioner will only turn on for two hours at a time.

You might need to check every few hours for a day or two until you get used to it, but after that, it should be simple. Good luck! You can also contact Daikin support if you have other queries.

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