Fix Your Daikin AC Reset Button – The Comprehensive Guide

Deciding to replace your old heating or cooling system can seem like an intimidating task. But when you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t have to be difficult at all! This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to fix your Daikin reset button, whether the problem is with the power, the heat pump, or the AC unit.

I also had the same issue and I had to get my Daikin AC reset button fixed because without resetting, my AC would not function properly. So, everything that I did is mentioned in this article.

What Is The Daikin Reset Button?

The Daikin reset button is typically found on the outside of the heat pump and looks like a square with rounded corners. A reset button may also be located inside your residence in the event that you cannot get outside to access it.

It can be pressed with any type of hard, flat object such as a screwdriver or penny (if no one is around). When pressing the reset button, all functions should stop and after releasing it, it should automatically restart itself. Push again if needed to make sure that everything has been started correctly.

If you’re still experiencing trouble from here, then go through this step-by-step guide for how to fix your daikin reset button.

Points To Check Before Resetting

You need to make sure that the cause of the error is corrected before performing a reset.

__Are the filters clean? __If they are dirty, replace them.

__Do you have proper airflow? Check your filter and vents. Ensure they are not hindered or clogged in any manner. Air needs to be able to circulate freely through the system.

__Is there enough water? If not, add more water and check for leaks. If you’re still having problems with an overflowing tank then call for service as soon as possible! Daikin’s failure is caused by buildup inside the evaporator coil unit which can be fixed by replacing it. Don’t try to fix this yourself unless you know what you’re doing.

Power button, reset position

Find the ON/OFF power button on your Daikin air conditioner and press it to reset the device. To turn off the air conditioner, press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

Then, push the button once more. Press the power button once more to turn on the AC unit after waiting 30 seconds. You need to completely restart your Daikin AC.

Step 1. Find the reset button

Find the reset button located on the bottom left side of your Daikin AC unit. Locate it by looking for a white square that is plugged into the back of the unit. It should be a toggle switch. It will usually have either RESET or RESTART written above it.

Once you find it, use an object like a pen to flip it up and down until the unit turns off and starts back up again. Wait at least three minutes before flipping again to ensure that all circuits are running properly.

If this does not work, try repeating these steps but using less force on each movement so as not to break any switches in your units control panel

Step 2. Remove your device from the power source.

-Disconnect your unit from the power supply by turning off circuit breakers, unplugging appliances or disconnecting the extension cord.

-Check for blown fuses, then reset circuit breakers and turn them back on. Replace any blown fuses.
-Plug in a different appliance, such as a TV or lamp, to see if the outlet works normally with other devices.

If so, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, proceed to step 4. Step 3. Find out what’s wrong: -If there is no power at all in the outlet, check for burnt-out bulbs or tripped circuit breakers, fix what you find and try again.
-If you still don’t have power after following these steps, contact an electrician right away.

Step 4. Check the main breaker: -Turn off all circuits feeding into one breaker of the main breaker panel (but not your breaker). If they are all turned off correctly, flip that one switch back on and check again to see if it is working properly with another device plugged into it.

Step 3. Press & hold for 5 seconds

You’ll want to press and hold the button down for a full five seconds before releasing. You may feel a brief pulsing from the AC unit and it will show a yellow or green light, depending on the model. If nothing happens after 5 seconds, you can press and hold for up to 10 seconds before moving on to Step 4.

It’s worth noting that some models of Daikin air conditioners have a different reset process which requires you to unplug the power cord, plug it back in and wait 10 minutes before trying again. Refer to your user manual for this type of reset.

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Step 4. Reconnect to power supply after 10 seconds

Reconnect to power supply after 10 seconds: Pull the plug out of the socket, reconnect after 10 seconds and retry powering up the unit. This time, if all went well, it should work and you can resume your air conditioner’s regular operation from there on out.

Though not necessarily true for everyone. If the reset button is not working for you, then please contact your Daikin authorized service center for further help! If this blog post helped you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family!

Step 5. Turn back on your air conditioner

The last step is to turn your AC back on. If you were holding the two metal contacts together, this should just be a case of powering it back up. Once your unit has finished restarting, wait for a minute before turning it off again.

The reset button is usually just used as a quick fix and the heating element will likely need to be replaced in the future. Hopefully, after following these steps you’ll be able to turn on your air conditioner once more!


On a Daikin, where is the reset button?

Daikin made it simple for you to handle by including a reset button on the system’s back.

How can I reset my Daikin hard?

  • Observe these instructions to reset a Daikin air conditioner remote
  • On the remote for your Daikin air conditioner, find the “ON/OFF” button
  • Only for two seconds, you need to press and hold the button
  • To halt operation, simply press the ON/OFF switch once
  • Press the button a second time to restart it

How can I reset my Daikin AC with an inverter?

(1) Once the device has been cleaned, plug the power cord into an AC outlet or switch on the circuit breaker. (2) Press and hold the filter cleaning indicator (LED) reset button for roughly two seconds with the air conditioner off.

How can I restart my air conditioner?

  • Resetting an Air Conditioner
  • Reduce the AC’s power
  • Flip the breaker that powers your air conditioner at your circuit breaker panel to start
  • Locate the button. The majority of air conditioners come with a reset button
  • Restore the AC’s power
  • The reset button is not visible
  • The reset button, often known as the reset switch, enables devices that use it, like a computer or peripheral, tobe restarted. The button is typically located on the front of the device, close to or next to the power button.

How does the reset button function?

The reset button on personal computers resets the system and forces a restart. Circuit breakers have reset buttons that can be used to restart the circuit. This button is frequently absent from many workstations because it can lead to data corruption.

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That’s it! You’re now a master of the reset button and you would have fixed your reset button! Just make sure to bring this guide with you when you need to use your heat pump again, so that you don’t have to hunt for all these steps again.

And if you have any other questions about how to use your heater or what the remote controls mean, there are plenty of online resources that can help. Happy heating!

So there you have it! Everything from unplugging and plugging in, turning things on and off in specific orders, using different buttons on your remote control to get everything working perfectly again.

And even tips on where else to look if you’ve done everything we mentioned here but your AC still isn’t working. Hopefully we solved whatever problem you were having so that now everything is happily running smoothly once more.

If not, feel free to leave us a comment below telling us more about what happened and we’ll do our best to give some helpful advice right away (or let us know if another method works!).

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