How To Turn On Your Toshiba AC Without A Remote

If you’re looking to turn on your Toshiba air conditioner without the remote, you’ll need to know how to do so manually. By following these steps, you can turn on your Toshiba air conditioner and start cooling down your home in no time at all!

When I lost my remote, I still remember that I was unable to enjoy the air of my AC for quite some time. But I was so displeased with myself when I came to know how simple the solution was.

If you still don’t have the remote, be sure to check out our AC remote control section and find the right one for your model. Then follow these steps to learn how to turn on your Toshiba air conditioner without the remote control!

How to turn on your Toshiba AC without a remote

First, find out what’s wrong

To troubleshoot the issue, here are some common possibilities:

  • The power is not turned on
  • Unplug and plug back in the unit
  • Try using a different power outlet that is near an electrical outlet
  • If this does not work, try another outlet in your home
  • If that doesn’t work, contact an electrician for assistance
  • Or try turning off the circuit breaker supplying power to the room or circuit where the appliance is located

Check the power supply

Check the power in the plug where you’re plugging in the power cord. To do this, either unplug the cord from the wall or from any other device (make sure it’s not just turned off) and plug it back in. If there is power, then something isn’t connecting correctly or you have an electrical problem with your power supply.

Check the input voltage of your outlet using a voltmeter. If it reads below 120 volts, replace the outlet. This can be done by calling an electrician or by buying one yourself at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Does it have more than one setting?

Many models of Toshiba air conditioners have more than one setting and can change speeds with the push of a button. If your air conditioner has at least three settings, try pressing the MODE button repeatedly until you find the one that is right for you.

If this does not work, check your manual and see if there is another way to set it up or reset it. This should take care of most problems, but there could be an issue with the unit itself.

If all else fails

In case you’ve lost the remote control, there are other ways to turn the air conditioner on and off. If you don’t have the app, you can create one in the iPhone camera or ask Siri how long it will take for the room to cool down.

You can also press either of these two buttons: Cooling OFF for Off and Cooling ON for On.

Try the reset button!

Press the reset button (below the power button) for about five seconds. It may take up longer than that, but continue pressing until you feel it click. If this still doesn’t work, there are two more buttons that might be of use. One at the bottom front-left corner, and one at the bottom back-right corner.

Try pushing both of these for about five seconds apiece. If none of these solve your problem, or if you cannot find any reset buttons or IR sensors, it may be time to contact Toshiba’s customer service department.


How to operate AC without a remote?

To power on the Ac, press the POWER button located at the top of the unit for about two seconds. To operate each button of the Ac, press and hold it for two seconds or more. Hold any desired buttons until you want that function to stop.

You will know if you’ve selected an option when there is a beep and/or light blink. The beeps will sound like they’re being played back in fast-forward. They can be heard very faintly if you put your ear close to the speaker grill area near each button’s location.

How to turn on AC without remote Panasonic?

Start with three seconds on the power button. Then press the button corresponding to your desired setting (i.e., Sleep, Turbo Cool, Air-Breeze). Push and hold the power button for ten seconds until you hear a beep. It signals that the settings have been saved. Be sure not to start before holding down the power button or after letting go of it. As this could cause it not to save properly.

Can you manually turn on AC?

You might be able to shut off the power to the air conditioner. Doing so would render it unable to do anything like cool the air or pump out hot air if that is what it is set for.

The first step is always to find out if there is any way you can control it from inside of the room where it is located. If there is, and if you know how, then you will want to use that method instead of shutting off power in this situation.

If not, then move on to finding out if there are other ways of turning off power from inside of the room.

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Here are the steps you can take in order to figure out how to start up your fan without the use of the remote.

1) Turn off everything- One of the main reasons why remotes stop working is due to electromagnetic interference caused by devices that use plugs and cables, so make sure all these items are unplugged.

2) Reset plug- One thing that could be wrong with your unit could be an electrical problem, which may have been caused by a faulty plug being in a power surge.

3) Try pressing any button on the AC unit- Pressing any button at this point will see if there’s something wrong with the control panel or wiring.

If you are still unable to solve your problem, then you should better contact Toshiba support. They are the experts and may guide you further. If you cannot turn the AC even after trying all these steps, then you should probably look for buying a new remote.

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