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How To Set Temperature On Daikin Air Conditioner – Do It Yourself

How To Set Temperature On Daikin Air Conditioner? Here you will learn how to set the temperature on Daikin Air Conditioner in steps.

When I was at your stage and got my new AC, I did not know this pretty basic thing because there was no one to guide me. Moreover, I did not belong to a very wealthy background so I could not afford an AC.

These step-by-step instructions are given below with picture examples so that you can easily follow them and set the desired temperature on your Daikin Air Conditioner at home.

Before you start

I’m an air conditioning technician and one of the most common things I see people do wrong is set the wrong temperature on their air conditioner. There are some simple guidelines that will make this process a little easier for you to execute.

Let’s start with what happens when you leave your AC at 22 degrees, the perfect setting for spring. When it is 70 degrees outside, your AC will cycle off and on; however, during periods of inactivity due to less cooling needed (between 72 and 78 degrees), it will keep blowing out cold air until its reached 22 degrees.

If the outdoor temp hits 86-90 degrees, your AC will cycle on constantly as it needs to cool off your home or office.

Setting the Daikin AC unit temperature

Most digital air conditioners have a button to turn the fan speed up or down. The adjustment button is usually the third, fourth, or fifth button on the remote. Consult your user manual for your specific unit to determine how to adjust fan speed if it differs from this standard.

In most units, it’s also possible to adjust airflow direction using the Flow function on the remote control. Flow can be adjusted by selecting any of four different options: floor level, horizontal, up-and-down, and left-to-right.

turn on your Daikin air conditioner, and press the power button.

All stuff is remote via DAIKIN-WALL-SPLIT

First, make sure your appliance is plugged in. Hold down the power button to turn it on following that. Once it’s on, there are two ways to adjust the temperature. You can do this by tapping the power button twice and then scrolling through the icons at the bottom of your screen.

It will be indicated which icon has what function – either heating or cooling depending on whether you want to heat up or cool down your environment.

Tap an icon and then scroll through until you find what you want and tap again. This allows for a more detailed method of changing the temperature; you can set it up in one-degree increments.

Press the Temperature Down button until the display reads 30°C (86°F) to return to the Fahrenheit unit.

If you don’t require this setting, hit the “°C” / “°F” button once more to exit menu mode, and then press the Mode button to confirm your choice.

Alternately, hold down the MODE button on the remote control for three seconds until all the numbers flicker twice continuously.

Then, using the + or – buttons, change the units between “°C” and “°F.” Press + to raise the temperature and – to lower it. To confirm your choice, hit the MODE button one more time.

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Set the temperature on your remote control

To set the temperature you want, use the remote control. Your remote will be able to provide you with three modes: low, medium, and high. You’ll want to select which one you want from the top left menu by pressing it once for low, twice for medium, or three times for high.

After selecting the desired mode of operation using the arrow buttons on your remote to input your desired temperature. You should see a big number on the screen with a ‘degrees’ sign after it as well as a smaller number next to it which will also be in degrees (ie; 15/8).

This means that at 8 degrees Celsius (15 degrees Fahrenheit) you would set the air condition unit’s thermostat at 30% power output.

In case your remote control doesn’t have a set button

In case your remote control doesn’t have a set button, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set the temperature on your Daikin air conditioner.

1. Touch and hold the Menu button until you see the Remote Control Language screen. (If you don’t see it, keep holding down Menu).

2. Press + or – to choose your desired language, then press OK.

3. With – pressed, select Manual Setup and hit OK.

4. Choose Start from the first menu that appears, then press Ok again

Adjusting the air conditioner using your smartphone app

By utilizing the options of a remote-controlled app for the air conditioner. This can be done from a smartphone or tablet by downloading the latest Aura app and using the Daikin Chat function, located in the left corner of your mobile screen.

With this function, you can also adjust basic settings, like switching between floor-level cooling to ceiling-level cooling. There are a variety of modes you can choose from as well, including auto mode and dry mode (which will not leave any moisture on surfaces).

If you’re having trouble with remote controls because they get lost easily, this is an easy way to control your air conditioner without ever having to move away from the couch!

What to do if you cannot connect with the device via Wi-Fi

First, ensure the device is running in the Wi-Fi setting mode. You can do this by clicking on the Wi-Fi tab and making sure Turn ON is checked. The unit should show an orange light when in Wi-Fi setting mode.

If your device does not turn on in this setting, please unplug the power cord from your wall outlet for 10 seconds and plug it back in again. If that doesn’t work, hold down the button on the remote until you see a red light come on – this will force your device to restart in Wi-Fi mode.


Simply follow these instructions if you want to know to set the temperature of your Daikin AC.

1. Bring up the display panel on your air conditioner by turning it towards you.

2. Press the button with a circle on it, and choose Personalized Temperature from the menu. This allows you to set your own target temperature.

3. Choose an option from Maximum Cooling, Comfortable, or Economy. Maximum Cooling is for when you want to chill down your home as quickly as possible and Comfortable is what most people will probably use in day-to-day use for their climate needs (the default setting). The economy should be used only when you’re willing to sacrifice some comfort in order to save energy.


How do I modify the air conditioner’s temperature on my Daikin?

In order to get to the main menu, we first press the Return key. Next, we’ll discuss energy conservation. then again press the Return button.

What temperature should a Daikin air conditioner be set to?

Your unit can operate at its most effective level all year long when the temperature is set at around 21–22°C. Additionally, the majority of Daikin appliances allow you to set a timer so that the heat will turn on automatically when you need it most, allowing you to essentially forget about setting it.

How is the temperature range set?

Sort them in that sequence, from lowest to highest. Decide which number is the lowest and highest in the data set. Add the highest number to the lowest number in the set. The range of the set of temperature values is the resultant value.

Without a remote, how can I adjust the temperature on my Daikin AC?

By pressing the ON/OFF button on the main unit, you can switch the air conditioner unit on and off if you’ve misplaced the remote control. The AC will operate with its automated settings when this button is pressed.

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In summary, you want to set the temperature on your Daikin air conditioner by using a remote controller or through an app. Some of the features we covered are some of the same features we used in other articles.

For example, if you don’t see your desired room temperature displayed on your remote controller or mobile device when it is reading from the indoor unit, click the Mode button to enter into that mode and try again. If those things don’t work then feel free to give us a call for troubleshooting!

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