How To Turn On Toshiba Air Conditioner – DIY Guide

You’ve just purchased your brand new Toshiba Air Conditioner and you’re ready to get it up and running as soon as possible, but you don’t know how to turn it on! Don’t worry, as this DIY guide will walk you through the process in easy steps.

I also did not know how to do it because it was the first AC in my house and was worried about how to do so. What I did is mentioned in the article.

Be sure to read over the entire procedure before attempting anything though – missing a step could mean the difference between safe installation and disaster!

Things you need

The key to a successful DIY project is to make sure you have the right tools and parts on hand. As we were figuring out how to turn on the Toshiba air conditioner, we needed:

We used an electrician’s screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver. We also used an extension cord with a three-pronged plug and an outlet, which took care of some of our wiring needs. With these items, you’re prepared for just about anything!

A typical household manual includes all the basic instructions that outline how to turn on Toshiba air conditioners, but there are other specific pieces of information that will only be helpful if you’ve got the resources handy.

Press The Control Panel Button

It is very simple to use the buttons on the control panel. The power button should be pressed to turn on your air conditioner.

You will know that it has turned on when you see two arrows next to each other, meaning that the air conditioner is working. If you press it a second time, the arrows will turn around to show that the unit has been shut off.

Set The Temperature

To set the temperature, first, turn the rotary dial on the left side of the thermostat clockwise to change your desired temperature to Celsius. If you want to convert that back to Fahrenheit, press one of the buttons on the right side of your thermostat.

The arrow pointing up represents a higher temperature and vice versa. Press it once and you will notice that your room’s current temperature (both in Celsius and Fahrenheit) is displayed above Away or Home.

Once you’ve set your desired temperature, use either of those two buttons below it to select whether you want to heat or cool your room respectively.

Set The Mode And Fan Speed

Setting the mode and fan speed is optional, but you may want to do this if you have young children or pets. Usually setting it on fan only or auto mode is preferred, but this depends on the time of year.

If you are using the air conditioner in a humid climate, then dry would be a better option because it circulates air without adding moisture. However, if you are living in an arid area with low humidity levels then humidifying mode will make your home more comfortable.

Check The Power Supply

Check the power supply by looking for an overload light. Simply plug in a lamp to see if it turns on. If you don’t see any power at all, there is a problem with the main circuit breaker or the fuse box. Find these near your main electrical panel and reset them before proceeding.

If the lamp didn’t come on when plugged in, this likely means that either you need to replace your bulb or there is a wiring issue with the socket.

How to use Toshiba air conditioner remote

1. If you want to turn on your Toshiba air conditioner using the remote, first make sure that the remote is charged and the batteries are inserted correctly.

2. Make sure the AC has power by checking to see if it’s plugged in with a light on the remote. Also, check whether there is an AC button on the remote itself. It may be stuck on standby for some models of ACs. In this case, push any button until it changes from standby mode to on/standby mode.

How to turn on the Toshiba air conditioner without remote

The easy way to turn on a Toshiba air conditioner without the remote is to press the Fan button twice. If this does not work, then it’s likely that the AC unit has no power and needs to be plugged in.

It’s possible that an unplugged cord or lose electrical connection could also be keeping the unit from turning on. Make sure you’re following our directions and have checked for any plugs or loose connections before trying another remote method.


How do I manually turn on my air conditioner?

If your air conditioner has stopped, it may be a matter of turning it on manually. The actions to take in order to do it are as follows:

Turn off the power First things first. After that turn off the power and confirm that there is no electricity coming out of the wall. Locate your unit’s breaker box. Every home should consist of one of these things.

But if not you can find them by looking for a gray metal or gray plastic box near where your wires come in from outside or inside. Locate your circuit breakers and shut off the power to all circuits leading to your AC unit.

How do you turn on an aircon?

There are a few different ways to turn on your air conditioner and each is associated with specific types of air conditioners. In order to determine which type of air conditioner you have, there are a few steps that you can take:

Look at the manufacturer label on the back panel of your unit, then select the appropriate diagram. Press and hold either AC or Fan button until the blue indicator light turns on. This indicates that the device is working properly and running in cooling mode.

If you have an AC-only unit, press the AC button only. Pressing just the fan button will cause your unit to run in a heating mode which will not cool down your space quickly enough when it’s hot outside!

Without a remote, how do I start my air conditioning?

When installing your Toshiba AC, there is an instruction manual that comes with it. You will want to read through that for directions on how to turn your AC on without a remote. If you do not have the manual, or if you have misplaced it, there are some ways that you can turn on your AC by using switches.

The first way is to turn the power button. This may seem a little low-tech and old-school. But this button will usually be located right next to the air conditioner itself. Sometimes right on top of it too. Simply flip the switch to on. Within 30 seconds (possibly less) your AC should kick in and start blowing cold air again.

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The setup for Turning On Toshiba Air Conditioner was straightforward and quick. There are important settings such as temperature, timer, or clock. So, you can get your desired setting done without any worry. You can do it without dealing with complex buttons and fiddling with confusing wiring.

You will also have a little problem repairing it in case the power cords are not connecting to the correct place due to a miss read. If it is time for you to buy one for your room or an apartment unit where you live with your family then you should definitely try this one out!

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