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Is Your Daikin AC Not Cooling? 5 Possible Reasons Why

Daikin Air Conditioners are the most famous air conditioner in the US, but sometimes they can give you some trouble. The most common problem is Daikin AC, not cooling, which can be due to several possible reasons.

There could be something wrong with the cooling coil, or the exhaust fan could be blocked due to dust and dirt accumulating inside the duct of your Daikin Air Conditioner. So, if your Daikin AC not cooling, this article will help you troubleshoot and fix this issue!

I also had the same issue when I used my Daikin ac after the winter season. As soon as I turned it on, It appeared to me that it was not cooling like it used to. So, I tried some troubleshooting.

Daikin AC Not Cooling

The thermostat might be set too low

If the thermostat is set too low and you’re still having trouble cooling, call a professional to make sure there are no issues with the unit or electric circuit and that everything is running properly.

The air conditioner might be low on coolant and might need to be refilled. If you have air conditioning with both heating and cooling, it may be in Heating mode even if the temperature outside is below the comfort zone so turn it into Cooling mode.

The air filter may be blocked

It’s important that the filters inside of your AC system are kept clean because they’re essential to maximizing efficiency and guaranteeing proper airflow. If your air filter has been clogged or blocked for any length of time, it could be the reason you’re experiencing problems with the temperature or air quality in your home.

The filter can accumulate dust and other substances that can prevent proper air flow or cool air from escaping properly into your home, making things uncomfortably warm (or maybe just hotter than they need to be).

Fortunately, there’s a quick fix: all you have to do is vacuum out the filters! To keep on top of this routine task more easily, invest in an appliance like the Black & Decker CM2030 Comfort Cleaner.

Dirty or damaged coils

1) Check for dirty or damaged coils – If the coils are filthy or damaged, air cannot flow through them, which makes them unable to cool the area. Even a small accumulation of dust can cause this problem, so if you notice a film on any of the fins during your inspection they need to be cleaned off with compressed air.

2) Remove excess insulation near the HVAC unit – This is an often overlooked but the major factor in inadequate cooling; keeping the ductwork as close to grade level as possible and maintaining at least two inches between the back of an appliance and insulation will help prevent heat being trapped in that area.

There’s a problem with the compressor

Sometimes when an air conditioner is too old it has a problem with its compressor, which helps to cool the unit’s evaporator coil. If you hear a grinding sound from inside your AC then that means that you need to replace the capacitor soon, because if it goes out then all of the refrigerants will escape and you will have a hard time repairing the system without replacing it.

Sometimes dirty filters or debris can cause problems as well. It requires routine maintenance in order to keep everything running smoothly. Your AC could also be set to too low for the season. This can cause it to constantly run. Turn up the temperature on your thermostat by 3 degrees. You can do it in order to see if it corrects any issues with cooling inside of your home.

It’s the indoor unit’s fan motor

Check the level of refrigerant in the unit and make sure it is correct, to begin with. The indoor unit’s fan motor might need to be replaced if there are any problems with it. There may be dirt build-up or debris on the air filter that needs to be taken care of so the air can circulate properly for colder air to be made efficiently.

If you notice condensation or water dripping from anywhere, it may have a leak in one of its pipes or tubes. It will need to be repaired as soon as possible before it causes more damage.

You may also have a problem with your indoor circuit board. Some other wiring components will need fixing promptly in order for the system to start cooling again efficiently without an error occurring or continuing for an extended period of time.

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The problem might be leaked gas

Another big thing that might have caused your Daikin AC to stop cooling is that your gas might have leaked through any of the pipes. If you can do it yourself then it is pretty much better for you that you can check the potential leak.

Or you can also call a professional who can check the cause of the leak for you. He can make sure that the technician also refills the gas for you. This is the most common thing which causes the failure of the cooling system.

How to reset the Daikin air conditioner

Try turning the thermostat from Cooling to Fan or to Heat mode and wait for a few minutes. You can also try switching off power at the breaker panel and waiting a few minutes before restarting the unit. Still no relief?

Make sure all vents in the house are open, close curtains on windows, use an extension cord so you can move your air conditioner out of a room that is overcooled, and give it some time to do its job!

Daikin air conditioner not turning on

If you’re experiencing problems with your Daikin air conditioner and have checked the power to ensure it’s connected, then it could be one of five common causes:

1. You’re too far from an electrical outlet for the unit to function properly

2. The filter is clogged with debris or dust and needs to be replaced

3. There’s a problem with the fan in the unit, which could need minor repairs or a replacement part

4. Your thermostat might be set too high for the unit to handle, causing it to overheat and stop working

5. If the coils are dirty or blocked by debris, you’ll experience reduced airflow through them.


How to set your Daikin air conditioner to cool?

1) Turn off power at the mains.

2) Release the catch on the side of the air conditioner unit and open it up fully.

3) Plug in a suitable plug from your house into the wall socket on the back of the unit and make sure there’s a blue light when you turn it on again if this isn’t already on, then press cool.

What is the best cooling temperature in AC?

For many of us, central air conditioning is what keeps the house at the optimal temperature for comfortable living. It is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. But this system needs to work continuously to maintain that temperature. Because you can’t open windows to let in a breeze if the weather is too hot outside.

You may have noticed that when your ac is running and it’s humid outside. Even before you start feeling relief from the cool air blowing out of the vents. In humid environments, a common problem occurs with coolant freezing up inside AC units. It causes them to stop working correctly.

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You finally may be able so to know the cause of Daikin AC Not Cooling. Your Daikin AC  may have just underpaid on coolant. This can make the unit work really hard to keep the air cold.

It might be burning out components at an alarming rate. You might want to consult with a professional before investing in parts for a unit that needs full-time attention.

Also, you might have just moved your AC to a different home and are experiencing symptoms of seasonal adjustment. Basically, the outdoor ambient temperature is warmer than what it was during the time of year when you used your unit the most last year. It makes it take longer for your new equipment to adjust to heat from inside and outside.

There might also be the problem of gas due to which you are unable to solve the issue. If you got the issue resolved, congratulations. If not, then you can ask me regarding the query so that I can solve is from my experience.

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