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How To Reset Daikin AC Remote In Three Easy Steps

Daikin air conditioners are known for their easy operation. Still, sometimes users can find themselves in a sticky situation – one in which they need to reset their Daikin AC remote, either because it’s malfunctioning or it has been lost entirely.

Not to worry, though; with these easy steps, you’ll be on your way to using your AC system again before you know it! I did not know how to get through with the situation in the beginning because it was my first AC and I was confused. I did not know anything regarding resetting. After consulting one of my friends, I got out of the issue. Here is what I did.

How to reset your Daikin AC remote in three easy steps

The importance of having a remote

Many people don’t realize this, but having a remote is important for regulating the air conditioner. A lot of the newer models are made with infrared remotes. This means that they won’t work when you’re looking at them – they need a straight line of sight.

When there’s no way to move the position of the fan and AC unit, it’s time to use that Daikin ac remote reset button. Here are some pointers for performing the task independently:

– Make sure you know where the battery compartment is before starting (it should be on the back or side).

– Check if your batteries are worn out – if so, get new ones!

What to do if you are unable to use the remote

Losing your remote or forgetting the code can be frustrating. However, you can still control your system without a remote by following these simple steps:

-Press and hold the power button on the control panel until the unit shuts off.

-Press and hold the Timer Off button on the control panel until it displays ERR then release both buttons.

-Enter 111111 using the left arrow keypad and press ok.

The timer will show ERR followed by its actual setting as follows: ERR1/111111; ERR2/111111 etc.

If you have replaced the batteries but it still doesn’t work

If you replace the batteries and it still doesn’t work, your problem might be that the wiring has been damaged. In order to fix this, you need a soldering iron and some electrical wire (or just one long wire) plus connectors.

To start, connect both ends of the new wire that you cut to the battery terminals inside the case. Next, attach one end of the new wire (the end that is not connected with metal around it) to the remote terminal on the board where there is an LED blinking.

Then place a small piece of insulation around both wires so they don’t touch each other or any other part of the circuit board. Finally, attach these wires with connectors onto the PCB side so they are not touching again anywhere.

What if I don’t have a remote?

Don’t worry! All you need is a pen or screwdriver, and you can do the following: Open the battery compartment by pressing on the tab at the edge of it. (This will also show what type of batteries are needed.)

Insert four new batteries. Hold down both up and down arrows simultaneously for one second. Test the remote for functionality by pressing buttons corresponding to those on your thermostats, such as the power button and fan speed button.

After that, if the remote still doesn’t work or simply has weak functionality, repeat steps 2 and 3 with new batteries until there are no more left to use.

The 3 step process for replacing the batteries

Look for the battery compartment on the back of the remote. Take a coin, such as a dime, and hold it against one side of the compartment door. This will release the pressure and allow you to open the door easily. Next, take out all four AA batteries and insert them into their correct positions by following these labels:

1) On the top left, 2) On the top right, 3) At the bottom left, and 4) At the bottom right. Finally, close the battery compartment door and make sure it’s sealed tightly with no gaps or openings. That’s it! Your Daikin AC remote should now be working properly again!

How to reset Daikin error codes

If you get a message that says MEM. ERROR on the front panel of your system, then you can use the Reset Button on the right side of the system to reset it. Push and hold the button for at least 10 seconds until it turns off.

Once it’s off, wait two minutes and turn it on or reset it again by holding it down until it turns off. If this doesn’t work, go through these four steps:

– Open access panel

– Press the red reset button

– Release after 10 seconds

– Wait 2 minutes before turning on/resetting

Daikin remote control settings

Look for the 4-digit PIN at the back of the remote control which starts with a 2 and keep this number in mind as we’re going to need it. Next, take out four AAA batteries and place them on the terminals inside the battery compartment.

Now that you have new batteries ready, push any button on the remote while holding down both buttons at once (TV/Home) until it resets itself and turns off. With those new batteries installed and the code memorized, turn on your TV to find this 4-digit number displayed and you’re now done!


Where is the reset button on a Daikin air conditioner?

The reset button on a Daikin air conditioner is located in the remote’s battery compartment. To enter this compartment, press down firmly on the top and bottom of the rear panel while also pulling it away from the unit. Inside, you’ll find two AA batteries with red and blue insulation caps.

The battery caps should be removed before taking out or replacing the batteries and are not necessary to re-insert once batteries have been replaced. Make sure you replace both batteries at once for maximum efficiency!

How do I pair my Daikin AC remote?

It is not difficult at all to pair your Daikin AC remote. Below, we’ve outlined a 3-step process:

1) Remove the battery from the remote

2) Wait for 60 seconds before inserting new batteries

3) Put fresh batteries into the remote and try pressing the buttons. The light should be flashing now

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In the process of setting up a new room, I found that my Daikin AC remote is not working. It would be very inconvenient to have an inefficient air conditioning system without a working remote.

Thankfully, it was just one button that was faulty, and there are three easy ways you can reset it to make it work again. If your problem did not get resolved, do let me know in the comments section.

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