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How To Use USB Microphone On Xbox One – A Comprehensive Guide

It’s possible to use the USB microphone on your Xbox One, but the process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Here are some pointers to ensure proper operation. This process has been tested by Wired and covered by IGN, Kotaku, Lifehacker, CNET, PC Gamer, and GameSpot.

This article is personally tested by me and I have experience using a microphone with an Xbox one. In the beginning, I did not know how to do it. But surfing through the internet, the problem was eradicated.

This article will be updated if Microsoft or Logitech update their drivers or firmware in the future. It may also be worth mentioning that not all USB microphones will work with the Xbox One—you may have to look up whether yours will first before attempting to connect it to your console.



What You Need

To use a USB microphone with your Xbox One, you’ll need the following:

– A Windows 10 PC or laptop
– Microsoft Windows 10’s Xbox app’s most recent version
– An available USB port
– A headset that’s compatible with your PC

After that, go through the steps mentioned down below:

1. Connect your headset to your PC.
2. Open the Xbox app and go to Settings.
3. Select Devices & connections and then click audio devices.
4. Select your headset from the list of available devices and then select manage.
5. In the Microphone section, check the box next to let apps use my microphone.

Using The Kinect on Xbox One as a TV Tuner

If you have an Xbox One, you can use the Kinect as a TV tuner. To do this, you need to connect the Kinect to the HDMI IN port on your TV. Once it’s connected, you can use the Kinect to watch live TV.

You can also use the Kinect to record shows and movies, and even pause and rewind live TV. Plus, if you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can also use the Kinect to watch Netflix.

Setting Up The Mic

If you’re looking to use a USB microphone with your Xbox One, there are a few things you need to do first. Before we start, kindly make sure you have the following.:

– A compatible microphone. We recommend the HyperX QuadCastTM USB condenser gaming microphone.
– The latest version of the Xbox Accessories app is installed on your Windows 10 PC or mobile device.
– Your Windows 10 PC or mobile device and your Xbox One console should be connected to the same network.

Recording Audio On Your PC/Mac Using Audacity

Audacity is a great, free recording program that you can use to record audio on your PC or Mac.

To get started, connect your USB microphone to your computer and launch Audacity.

Then, click the File menu and select New. This will create a new project for you to work with.

Connecting the Mic to Your PC/Mac

Assuming you have the proper equipment, let’s get started.

1. Start by connecting the mini-USB cable from the Transmitter to your PC/Mac.
2. Then, connect the headset to the 3.5mm jack on the Transmitter.
3. You should now see a solid red light on the Transmitter, indicating it is powered on and working correctly.
4. The next step is to open up your sound settings on your computer. This can be found in the control panel (for Windows users) or in the menu bar at the top of your screen (for Mac users).
5. Once you’re in your sound settings, find the section labeled Input or Microphone.

Setting Up Your Console

Before you can start using your USB microphone on your Xbox One, you’ll need to set up your console. First, make sure that your microphone is properly plugged into the controller.

Next, open the Settings menu and go to the Kinect & Devices section. Here, you’ll need to select the External Devices tab and then select the Configure option for your microphone. Finally, follow the prompts to calibrate your microphone and start using it!

Testing Out Your New Mic

Now that you have your new USB microphone, it’s time to test it out! Here’s how to get started:

1. Plug the mic into an available USB port on your Xbox One.
2. Press the Menu button on your controller and go to Settings.
3. Select Devices & Accessories, then select your microphone under External Devices.
4. Select Test Microphone to make sure your mic is working properly.
5. If you want to use the mic for in-game chat, go to Settings > Display & sound > Audio output and select Headset chat audio.
6. You’re all set! Now you can chat with your friends or stream gameplay with ease.

Using a USB microphone with an Xbox Series X

To use a USB microphone on your Xbox Series X, you’ll need to first connect the mic to the console’s USB port. Once it’s connected, you’ll need to go into the Settings menu and select ‘Audio Devices’.

From here, you can select your USB mic from the ‘Input Device’ drop-down menu. If you want to use the mic for in-game chat, you’ll need to set it as your ‘Party Chat Output Device’. You can also adjust the mic’s sensitivity and volume from here.

Using a USB headset on Xbox One

To use a USB headset on Xbox One, you’ll need to purchase a special adapter. Once you have the adapter, plug it into the controller and then connect the headset to the adapter. You may need to adjust your audio settings to get the best sound quality.

If you’re using party chat, you’ll also need to make sure that your mic is set to Party Chat in the Settings menu. To test your mic, just open up the Party Chat menu and start talking. If everyone can hear you, then you’re all set!


Why isn’t my USB mic working on Xbox?

Take a look at your privacy settings. Voice chat on Xbox could not be available if your Xbox mic isn’t working.To turn it back on, go to Settings > Account > Privacy & online safety> View information & personalise > Use both speech and text to communicate.

Can we use a USB headset on Xbox One?

Xbox does not support corded USB headsets. A 3.5mm connection is required with a headset. To ensure that a headset is compatible with Xbox One, look for the Xbox logo on the box before making a purchase.

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If you’re looking for a great way to improve your gaming experience, using a USB microphone is a great option. Not only will it allow you to communicate with other players more easily, but it can also help you hear them better.

Plus, it’s a great way to keep your hands free while you’re playing. Here’s a quick guide on how to use a USB microphone on Xbox One.

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