How To Fix Your Air Conditioner Thermostat In Five Minutes

The key to an effective air conditioning system is a thermostat that can accurately and efficiently control the temperature of your home or office. How do you fix your thermostat?

When your air conditioner thermostat no longer functions properly, you may think you have to replace it entirely; however, this isn’t always necessary.

In most cases, you can fix your air conditioner thermostat quickly and easily with the proper tools and some new parts, saving you time and money!

Here’s how to fix your air conditioner thermostat in five minutes or less!

How to fix your air conditioner thermostat

Preparing the problem area

Before you attempt to fix your air conditioner thermostat, unplug it and let it cool down. Then, gently blow into all of its vents with a can of compressed air or use a vacuum cleaner.

Next, look closely at each dial for dirt or debris that could be making it difficult for you to turn. If you see anything foreign, try using tweezers or rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to remove any blockages in hard-to-reach places.

Make sure all knobs are free and rotating smoothly before you proceed; if they are not then cleaning should do the trick!

If not then there is likely an underlying mechanical problem that requires professional assistance.

Turning off AC

Turn off your air conditioning for a short period (15-30min) if you’re able. This will help you identify whether there is a leak since a unit that is running constantly will take longer to cool down than one turned off every once in a while.

You should also turn it off after a few hours of use since it can have similar results. By cycling through various cooling and non-cooling intervals, you’ll be able to quickly identify any leaks.

Checking the thermostat wiring

Make sure that all wires are plugged into their respective ports. If you’re not comfortable doing electrical work on your own, then have a licensed HVAC technician do it for you.

They’ll also check for proper levels of refrigerant inside the AC unit. You can also check by looking at how well it cools down a room.

If it doesn’t seem as cold as usual or anything seems out of place, then there might be an issue with wiring or refrigerant levels.

Removing old thermostat

The first step to fixing an air-conditioning thermostat is taking it off and checking its wiring. Remove it by unscrewing it from its base (you might need a screwdriver, depending on what kind of unit you have).

If you’re not comfortable messing with electricity or electronics, take it to an A/C technician; most of them can do basic fixes for free.

If they can’t help, they should be able to refer you to someone who can. After that, all you have left is wiring (and maybe a little snaking if a wire came disconnected). Any wire color code is fine—just connect one wire at a time until your unit turns on.

Adding new wires and thermostat

The first thing you need to do is turn off the power to your air conditioning unit. Find a circuit breaker or fuse box and flip it off. Remove old wires from the old thermostat and connect new wires.

Connect them where old wires were connected. Turn on the power and enjoy!

Resetting the AC/Heating/Cooling

Let’s start with a little background: There are two main types of temperature controls (aka thermostats) used on air conditioning systems. The first and most common is a set-back style, as shown below.

This is sometimes referred to as a constant-cycling system because it constantly cycles up and down trying to maintain whatever temperature you’ve selected (the red line).

The other style, known as an on/off system, flips on when it senses that your home has cooled off too much (the blue line).

For both styles, we want our temperatures set between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit during both winter and summer months.

Fixing problems with cooling coils

Sometimes, coils can get clogged with dust or lint. If you suspect that’s happening, use a small vacuum to clean out any debris.

Check the coils for stains or discoloration, too; if you see any of those signs of mold or mildew growth on a coil, replace it as soon as possible.

It may also be time to replace your filter – it could be dirty and block airflow through your system.

How to fix your air conditioner thermostat


How To Solve Air Conditioner Thermostat Problems?

You may be comfortable when you leave for work or when you go to bed, but not in between. If your unit doesn’t maintain a steady temperature, or if it cycles on and off frequently, there is a good chance that your air conditioner’s thermostat has malfunctioned.

Because fixing one is an easy task for someone with basic DIY skills and tools, many homeowners choose to do it themselves rather than call a professional service technician who will charge them significantly more. If you are ready to diagnose and repair an AC thermostat yourself

How to fix Split Ac Thermostat Not Working

Is a split system air conditioner not cooling? Make sure that you check if the thermostat is working properly. This can be done by setting it from heat mode to cool mode and making sure that it works.

If it still doesn’t work, then unplugging it for 10 minutes or so will reset it. Another thing you can do is clean off any dirt or dust that has accumulated on your unit. This can be done by using a brush and some water or soap; then letting them dry before putting them back together again.

If they still don’t work after these processes, you may have to replace them with a new one – make sure that you buy ones specifically made for your unit!

Window air conditioner thermostat troubleshooting

Things get hot when you can’t find a solution to your window A/C’s cooling issues. No worries, though.

By taking a few steps, you’ll be able to troubleshoot and repair problems with your window air conditioner thermostat for a quick and easy fix.

Remember: Before you begin anything at all, shut off power from any circuit breakers or fuses that control power for either your heating or cooling system.

If you don’t know how to do that yourself, consult an electrician before proceeding on. This will help prevent electrical shock.

How do I know if my AC thermostat is broken?

If your AC is running but isn’t cooling, you might be tempted to immediately blame something like a broken thermostat.

However, there are plenty of other things that could cause an AC unit to not cool—especially if you’re using a window unit.

If it’s really hot outside and you are working with a relatively old or cheap window A/C unit, it may just need some basic maintenance work before it will start cooling again.

If you don’t think anything is physically wrong with it but it won’t turn on, check for blown fuses and loose connections.

Can I replace my thermostat myself?

In an ideal world, you’d leave a professional to do all of your HVAC work. But if that isn’t possible, fixing a air conditioner thermostat is one job you can do yourself, without fear of making things worse.

A new air conditioner thermostat for most units costs around $100, so it’s definitely worth learning how—especially if you just need to replace a battery or two.

Many HVAC contractors will give basic lessons on replacing and/or installing new thermostats as part of their larger service call.

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You’re an HVAC expert now. Not bad for a DIY job, huh? While fixing an AC is straightforward, especially its thermostat. It does require safety precautions. Unplug your AC before handling and remember that electricity can kill.

Turn off your circuit breakers and make sure no one is nearby while you’re working on anything electrical—this includes cell phones, which are constantly connected to wifi systems.

If you suspect a serious problem with your AC unit, call a professional right away. He or she will be able to diagnose and repair issues that require advanced tools and expertise.

However, at-home repairs are safe for most HVAC units and won’t cost as much as calling an expert in at first.

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