Fix Air Conditioner Not Draining Water – A Complete Guide

If you’re using an air conditioner and have noticed that water from the unit isn’t draining, there are a few reasons why this could be happening. Fortunately, the solutions to your drainage problems are relatively easy, and you should be able to fix the problem in no time at all! I also had the same problem when I got my new Air conditioner.

After some time, my AC did not work appropriately and was not cooling at all due to which I had many issues. All the solutions that I tried are mentioned in this article.

Here are some of the most common reasons why your air conditioner isn’t draining water and how to fix them so that you can use your AC as normal again.

My Air Conditioner Isn't Draining Water


Clean the Drain Tubes

It is common for air conditioners to get clogged with dirt, dust, and other debris over time. If you think your air conditioner may be clogged and the drain tube is clear, here are a few things you can do:

1) Check the air filter. Is it dirty or clogged with hair? Change it! Dirty filters trap debris in the unit and prevent water from draining properly.

2) Look inside the lower grill of your AC unit for insects such as spiders or ants who may have crawled into the unit through an open return vent or outside opening.

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Let the Condensation Drain on Its Own

Condensation from a central air conditioner may build up and make the drain tray overflow. To avoid this from happening, you should place a pan below the drainage tray to catch any water that does get past the overflow sensor.

Some sensors are more sensitive than others, so be sure to do your research before concluding that your unit is faulty. Over time, mineral deposits may accumulate on a unit’s condensate line and this will cause slow drainage as well.

In some cases, you’ll need to call an HVAC professional for assistance with cleaning or replacing the line.
But in most cases, if condensation isn’t quickly draining away there’s an issue with the drain pipe leading away from your HVAC system.

Use Some Plumbing Tricks

You can also try some other fixes if the problem persists. Hope you will get out of the problem after trying these fixes.

  • The drain line might be clogged: to fix this problem all you have to do is go outside and turn the hose on high pressure, and point it at the air conditioning unit’s drain line. Let the water run until there’s no more drainage, it usually takes a few minutes of using the hose
  • There might be an issue in the pipe or the pipe might have been blocked due to which water is not coming out of the Air conditioner. You can check the problem with various tools and make sure the problem does not happen again


Clean the Entire System

Here are a few quick fixes that might resolve the issue. For those of you who’ve never dealt with an air conditioner before, the following may not seem like enough information to help you understand what you’re looking for.

You need to check the entire system that might be causing the issue. But remember: most people don’t have any idea how their house’s plumbing works, but it still works!

You can also try the following things if the problem does not get fixed easily.

-Do your drains smell? That can often be a sign that something is clogging them up and needs to be removed (like hair). A plumber can provide more information on why this might be happening and how to fix it.

-Remove anything from around your air conditioner that might create an obstacle for water draining from it.

Have A Professional Fix The Problem

Contacting a professional is the best way to solve your problem. Give an HVAC company a call and they should be able to schedule you within 24 hours. Sometimes the drain pipe clogs up with debris and having them fix it will give you peace of mind.

It doesn’t hurt to be proactive, so if you know it’s not draining properly, have them come out before your unit becomes jammed with water and won’t turn on again. Not only can they help get your air conditioner running smoothly again, but they may also offer tips on keeping it healthy so that problems don’t occur in the future.

What is the optimum amount of water that should drain from the air conditioner?

The most common issue that can arise from installing a new air conditioner is improper drainage. The condensation water should drain out of the system and not flood the room below, but if your air conditioner is leaking water, it needs to be fixed ASAP. Here are some steps to follow in order to get your air conditioner draining properly:

1) Make sure you have enough space for the water to flow away from the unit without flooding.

2) When adding fresh water after using up all the old water, pour in fresh water then turn on the unit until all of it is used up. Leave the drain valves open so that any leftover water will seep out before refilling with more fresh cold water and repeating these steps again.

How fast should AC drain

The water flow from your air conditioner should be slow, but it also needs to be continuous. This is a problem if you have a high water table or live in an area that has a lot of rainfall during the warmer months. This means that the drainage pipe will quickly become blocked with sediment and other debris.

There are plenty of methods you can use to deal with this issue. Some are more proactive than others; some are DIY-friendly while others require professional assistance.


How do I acquire my AC to drain water?

1. Soak up any extra water on the floor by using a large towel or mop to get as much water up and out of the unit as possible. You can also use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner on low suction to vacuum water off the floor.

2. Push away any furniture that is close to the air conditioner and pull out any rugs from underneath it. This will make it easier for you to work on getting the clog cleared when you’re done with this first step, as well as give you more room to move around without having your feet soaked.

What happens if the AC cant drain?

If you notice your AC drain water but don’t see water collecting in the base pan, there are a few things you can do. The first step is to check the pressure gauge on the pump and make sure it’s set to optimum levels.

Next, look for hair or any other obstruction that might be preventing water from draining out of the unit. If these steps fail, consult a professional plumber for assistance.

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If the air conditioner drain is clear, then it’s probably an issue with clogged condensation pipes in the ceiling. Use a plumbing snake or brush to remove the obstruction, and then turn on the AC for a few hours to see if it drains correctly. It may take a few cycles of turning on and off before water finally starts flowing again. Hope you will be able to Fix Air conditioners Not Draining Water by going through this article.

If you’re still unable to get your air conditioner to drain water, reach out to a trusted HVAC professional. It’s important that they fix the problem before its repair or replacement becomes necessary!

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