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How To Turn Brightness Down On Your PS4

The PS4 has many settings that you can use to modify the look and feel of your gameplay experience. One option is brightness. With the brightness setting, you can choose between three levels: low, medium, and high.

But what does each level mean? How can you make an informed decision about what level to choose? And more importantly, how do you turn down the brightness on your PS4? This theme will answer these queries and more!

High brightness caused me to stop playing games because I had a weak website so I searched through the internet and here is what I got.

Brightness Down On Your Ps4

Click on your ps4 controller’s ps button

Doing this will turn on your ps4 controller and put it into rest mode. While in rest mode, the light on your controller will be dim. To turn the brightness of your ps4 controller down, hold the ps button for 3 seconds.

This will bring up a menu. Scroll down to adjust devices and then click on brightness. You can now use the left and right buttons to adjust the brightness of your controller’s light.

Move the joysticks left and right until you are on the menu page

The easiest way to change the brightness on your PS4 is through the Quick Menu. You can access this menu by pressing and holding the PlayStation button on your controller. From here, move the joysticks left and right until you reach the Quick Menu.

Then, use the left joystick to scroll down to the Brightness option. Finally, use the right joystick to adjust the brightness to your liking.

Scroll down to the Sound/Devices option

1. On your PS4 controller, press and hold the PS button until the quick menu appears.

2. Scroll down to Sound/Devices.

3. Select Adjust Devices.

4. Highlight the item you want to adjust and press the X button.

5. Use the left or right arrow buttons to change the setting.

6. Press the X button to save your changes.

7. Press the PS button to return to your game.

Choose Brightness Level

There are a few different ways that you can change the brightness level on your PS4. The first way is to go into your settings and change the display output to ‘Television’.

Doing this will make the image dimmer. You can also change the Gamma level which will also affect the brightness.

Use the left joystick to lower the brightness

There are a few ways that you can adjust the brightness of your PS4. One of the ways is that you use the left joystick.

To do this, simply go to the Settings menu and select Display Settings. From there, you can use the left joystick to lower the brightness of your screen.


How to turn the brightness down on PS5

There are a few different ways that you can turn the brightness down on your PS5.

One way is to go into the settings menu and adjust the brightness there.

Another way is to use the buttons on the controller to adjust the brightness.

Finally, you can also adjust the brightness by turning off the PS5 entirely and then pressing and holding the power button for five seconds.

PS4 screen brightness changes

1. You can change the brightness of your PS4’s screen in the Settings menu.

2. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Output Settings.

3. From there, you can adjust the brightness level using the slider under ‘Brightness.’

4. If you want to see what the screen looks like at different brightness levels, use the ‘Preview’ option.

5. Keep in mind that the preview only shows how the brightness will look on your current display settings.

6. If you have a standard TV, we recommend keeping the brightness at 50%.

7. If you have an HDR-compatible TV, you can crank it up to 100% for some extra pop!

How to change the brightness of Warzone PS4?

  • First, go to your PS4’s Settings menu
  • Second, scroll down to the Sound and Screen tab and select Display Settings
  • Third, find the Brightness setting and lower it to your desired level
  • Fourth, you can also toggle on the Adjust brightness automatically option
  • Fifth, if you want to lower the brightness of just your PS4 home screen, go to the Themes settings
  • Sixth, select a theme that has a dark background. Seventh, apply the article and enjoy your new, darker home screen!

How to change brightness on PS4 GTA?

1. Go to Settings from the function screen.
2. Select Sound and Screen.
3. Select Display Area Settings.
4. Use the left stick or D-Pad to adjust the sliders for brightness, contrast, and gamma until you find your perfect setting.
5. Once you’re happy with your changes, press X to save them.
6. If you want to go back to the previous screen without saving your changes, press O instead.


To turn the brightness down on your PS4, you need to go to Settings, after that Sound and Screen and then Display Area Settings. From there, you can adjust the brightness to your liking. If you want to save power, you can also set the PS4 to enter Rest Mode when not in use.

Doing this will dim the screen and power down some of the console’s features, but it will still be available for use when you need it.

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