How to Charge Your Xbox 360 Controller With A Phone Charger? A Step By Step Guide

While your Xbox 360 controller uses AA batteries, you can also charge it with an AC adapter. However, if you don’t have an AC adapter, it’s not too difficult to charge the controller from your cell phone charger.

Though it may take an hour or two, depending on how much juice your phone charger puts out! I also faced the same issue when I got a new Xbox 360 because I did not know what to do in this regard. But as my friend was an expert so he guided me accordingly. Here is what I did.

Where Do You Get an Xbox 36Battery Pack

There are a few different ways to get an Xbox 360 battery

pack. You can buy one online, at a store that specializes in gaming accessories, or you can even find some battery packs at Walmart or Target.

If you want to save some money, you can also look for used battery packs on eBay or Craigslist. Just make sure that the pack you’re buying is compatible with your controller and has enough charge to power it up.

Locate the Test Points on the Xbox Control and then charge your Xbox

Before you begin, you’ll need to locate the test points on your Xbox 360 controller. These are small metal contacts that are located on the top of the controller, near the left

and right bumper buttons. You’ll need to use a small tool, like a paperclip or a toothpick, to press and hold these test points down simultaneously.

Once you’ve located the test points, follow these steps to charge your controller:

1. Plug your phone charger into an outlet and then into the micro USB port on the top of your controller.
2. Press and hold the test points down with your small tool.
3. Wait for the lights on your controller to stop flashing and stay lit. This means that your controller is charging.

Place The Test Point Ends On The Connector Prongs

Do you have an extra phone charger lying around and want to use it to charge your Xbox 360 controller?

Well, you can! Here’s how:

1. Find a micro-USB to USB cable. If you don’t have one, they are very cheap and easy to find online or at most electronics stores.

2. Plug one end of the cable into your controller and the other end into the phone charger.
3. Make sure that the phone charger is plugged into a power outlet and then turn on the charger.
4. You will see an orange light on the controller start flashing, this means it is charging.
5. Leave it plugged in for about 2 hours or until the light turns green, which means it is fully charged.

Solder The Test Points To The Connector Prongs

This is a pretty simple mod that will allow you to charge your controller using a standard micro USB cable. You’ll need a soldering iron and some thin gauge wire.

First, locate the two test points on the PCB. They’re labeled TP1 and TP2.

Next, solder a wire to each of these points. Make sure that the wires are long enough to reach the connector prongs on the bottom of the controller.

Cut Down Some Wire & Strip It

You’ll need a phone charger with a micro-USB port and a regular USB port. Cut the cable from the micro-USB end, and strip about an inch of the shielding from the wires inside. Next, twist the green wire around the black wire, then twist the red wire around the green and black wires.

Doing this will make it so that when you plug it into your controller, the current will flow in the right direction and charge your controller. Finally, tape up the exposed wires so they don’t touch each other or anything else.

Connect Wire from Tester & Soldered Prong to Charging Adapter

Do you have an extra phone charger lying around and want to use it to charge your Xbox 360 controller? Here’s how!

First, take the wire from your tester and connect it to the charging adapter. Then, soldered the prong onto the positive and negative wires. Once that’s done, all you need to do is plug in your phone charger into the charging port on your controller and let it charge!

Plug In The Cable Into An Outlet & Connect Another Cable From That To The USB-Enabled Cellphone Charger

1.First, you’ll need to gather your supplies. You’ll need an Xbox 360 controller, a USB-enabled cellphone charger, and a charging cable.
2. Next, plug the charging cable into an outlet.
3. Then, connect another cable from the outlet to the USB-enabled cellphone charger.
4. Once the cables are connected, plug the other end of the charging cable into the Xbox 360 controller.
5. Be sure that the controller is turned off before you begin charging it.
6. Now, you can turn on the charger and allow it to charge for several hours until it is fully charged.
7. Finally, unplug the controller from the charger and enjoy!

Put The Connected Cables Into The Controller

Once you have your charging cable and your phone charger, you’ll need to connect them to your controller. To do this, first locate the micro USB port on the top of your controller.

Next, take the charging cable and insert the micro USB end into the port. Once it’s snugly in place, go ahead and plug the other end of the cable into your phone charger.

Finally, plug the phone charger into an outlet and give it a few minutes to charge up your controller.

Can you really charge the Xbox series x controller with USB-c?

The new Xbox Series X controller can be charged in a variety of ways. One popular method is using a USB-C cable. This method is simple and effective, and it doesn’t require any special equipment. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your controller charged while you’re on the go.

Here’s how to do it Plug one end of the USB-C cable into your controller

Plug the other end into an available port on your computer or laptop

The charging process will start automatically when plugged in

If you want to charge from an outlet, plug one end of the adapter into an available outlet and plug the other end into your controller.

How Do I charge Xbox one controller with a micro USB?

First, you’ll need to find a micro USB cable. You can use the one that came with your phone, or any other micro USB cable you have lying around.

Next, plug the micro USB end of the cable into your controller. After that, connect the cable’s other end to your phone’s charger.

Once it’s plugged in, you should see a light on your controller indicating that it’s charging. Leave it plugged in for about 30 minutes to give it a full charge. Once it’s done charging, unplug the cable and you’re ready to play!


Is it possible to charge a controller with a phone charger?

When using a phone charger, you can charge a PS4 controller as long as the cord is a Micro USB, which is frequently found on many cellphones. To avoid damaging your controller, you must make sure the phone charger you use has an 800ma rating.

Is it possible to charge my Xbox controller with a wall charger?

As long as you have the right adapter, you can also use any micro USB wire connected to a USB power source, including a wall outlet. The controller can also be powered by AA batteries.

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It’s super easy to charge your Xbox 360 controller with a phone charger! All you need is a micro USB cable and any standard phone charger. Just plug the micro USB end into your controller and the USB end into the phone charger, and voila!

Your controller will start charging. You can even use your controller while it’s charging. So if you’re ever in a pinch and need to charge your controller quickly, don’t fret – a phone charger will do the trick!

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