Fix Hoverboard Beeps When Going Fast – A Complete Guide

Have you ever wondered how to get your hoverboard to go faster? It seems that once it beeps, the speed cap has been reached, but this doesn’t have to be the case!

Because in my case, the problem was not associated with hardware, but the issue was a simple repair and reset that it needed and I did it. It was solved with minimal effort and I was able to use my hoverboard again.

You can use one of these simple techniques to get past the speed cap and get that board moving faster than ever before! Check out these ways to make your hoverboard go faster without triggering the beep!

Fix Hoverboard Beeps When Going Fast

Reasons for the beeping

The number one reason people buy a hoverboard is that they want it to go fast. Unfortunately, many brands come with an in-built alarm that warns you when you are going too fast. It will shut off the device if you keep going.

This is designed as a safety feature but can be annoying if you just want to cruise around at a leisurely pace. If you’re interested in how to get around this issue then read on!

Is the sidewalk too steep?

If you want a little more speed, but don’t want your board to go beep, here are a few things you can try:

Lean forward, away from the slope. This puts more weight on the rear wheel. It will allow them to roll over any cracks in the sidewalk and increase traction.

Turn off nonessential features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Turning off these features will decrease the load on your processor, which will give you more power for speed control.

Any obstacle in front of you

The other day I was riding my hoverboard and I noticed that it started beeping. I had no idea why, but it seemed like every time I would ride a little faster than usual, my board would start making this loud noise.

It was annoying, so I decided to do some research on why this is happening. The main reason seems to be that when you’re riding a hoverboard at a higher speed, there’s more electrical resistance in the motor which causes an increase in power consumption and can lead to overheating.

This means that the wheel speed should not exceed 5-6 kph (a little over 3 mph) for optimum results and also prevents any potential damage or injury.

The source of the beeping 

The beeping is a safety feature designed to let you know when you’re going too fast. Hoverboards are built with a low power setting or speed limit, and it’s triggered by a Hall Effect sensor that’s attached to the wheel.

If you want to know how fast you can take off on your hoverboard while avoiding this sound, just remove the sensors from their slots. Removing them will allow you to skate at any speed without hearing that annoying sound.

How do I stop the noise?

There are many ways you can stop the noise and one way is by using a small PVC pipe. Another way is to use a piece of foam that covers up where the sensor is. Another way is to put tape over it so it doesn’t trigger when you’re going fast.

You can also use a keychain or cell phone charm that triggers when going fast. The sensor will pick up on this, which will disable the beeping sound when going fast with your board.

Start Hoverboarding more often so you get used to it

Hoverboarding is a new and exciting hobby. However, it can take time to get used to some of the unique challenges of this trendy sport. One challenge that you might experience is getting used to balancing on a hoverboard and keeping it going at a steady speed.

One common technique for overcoming this issue is riding more often so you get comfortable with balancing on your hoverboard. This will help you learn how fast you should ride in order not to trigger the beep.


How do you make your hoverboard go faster?

There are two ways to increase the speed of a hoverboard: one is by riding it and the other is by making small adjustments to the device. By riding it, you can accelerate more efficiently when going up inclines and when going down inclines.

However, if you want to increase your speed without anyone noticing, adjusting the power mode will do just that. Simply press and hold the power button until it reaches maximum level, then let go. You’ll have an instant boost in velocity with no sound!

What is the maximum speed for a hoverboard?

Hoverboards max out at around 10 miles per hour. When you reach that speed, the board will let you know by making a beeping noise every few seconds.

This feature is intended for safety reasons and to prevent pedestrians from getting in the way of someone using one. But if that’s not fast enough for you, there are a few things you can do to get your board going even faster.

Why does the hoverboard keep beeping red on one side?

If you have a hoverboard that keeps going off when you start using it, there is a way to fix this. It is possible that the battery is not fully charging. If this is the case, then your battery may need to be replaced.

However, if it’s not because of a faulty battery, then you may want to check where on the board it is detecting movement and see if something is blocking it from moving.

What do Hoverboard lights mean?

Hoverboards are great for zipping around, but they’re not so good at going really fast. The reason is because of a little sensor on the bottom called an accelerometer.

When you go too fast, it triggers a warning beep that alerts others that you’re going too fast. There are two ways you can get around this problem:

  • You can turn off the sound by disconnecting or unplugging your battery
  • You can use a cool trick where you hold down the trigger button on top, then tap on the ground with one foot for about 3 seconds until you hear another beep and let go of the trigger button.
  • This tricks it into thinking that it’s not moving so it won’t trigger a warning beep when going really fast.

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If you want a fast ride, there are a few tweaks you can do to avoid the beeping of the hoverboard when going fast. Either remove the wheel sensor or adjust its sensitivity. The easiest way is to use felt or something similar as padding between it and the board.

You can also remove any other sensors on your board that might trigger it when going fast, such as those near the wheels.

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