Fix A Split AC Compressor That’s Not Working But The Fan Is Running

When the compressor in your split AC isn’t working, but the fan still spins, you may think the entire unit needs to be replaced. Don’t worry! You can repair the non-working part of your split AC and extend its life. Here’s how to fix a split AC compressor that isn’t working but the fan is running.

In my case, the problem did not get solved easily but it took much time. But, after trying many times and consulting one of my friends, the problem was solved finally and I was able to solve my issue and make my air conditioner work absolutely fine.

How to Fix a Split AC Compressor That's Not Working but the Fan Is Running

First, Check if Cool Air is Coming From The Vents

It might be that your air conditioner just needs more time to cool down. The first thing you should do is check if there is cool air coming from the vents.

If you find that your unit isn’t producing cool air even after it seems like enough time has passed, you might need to call a service provider or have someone come over and see what they can do. Another possible problem is if your thermostat is set too high.

Make sure that it matches with the current room temperature and then see if you still get cool air blowing out of your vents once again. If so, this should take care of the problem for now.

If There is No Cool Air from the Vents

Check that the breakers are on. Also, check that there is power going into the outlet, and be sure to inspect any filters. Additionally, examine the coil fins for dirt or debris. Finally, look at how well secured the outdoor unit is. It could be rocking in high winds or old age which will create rattling sounds that would mimic an issue inside.

If none of these suggestions help then have an electrician come by and perform a full inspection. They may find where you have electrical issues or problems with your breaker box. For every safety precaution taken you are increasing your odds of correcting whatever problem might exist.

Consider Replacing with a Complete AC Unit

A lot of times, when an air conditioner isn’t cooling or blowing cool air, it might be because the condenser coils are blocked. A good way to fix this is by using dish soap and water and putting it all over where you think there might be something blocking the coils.

Let it sit for five minutes or so before using an attachment on your vacuum cleaner to suck up all of the bubbles. Continue doing this until no more bubbles are released. If your air conditioner won’t start at all, it may not have power running through its cord to give it power and start.

You can use a voltage tester on your home outlet. It should tell you if you have any power flowing through its cord which will give it power and start working again.

Confirm that You Need to Replace the Coil

If you’ve confirmed that the main problem is your coil, then it means that your system is short cycling. To fix this, make sure you replace your coil and see if that fixes it.

You can also go back and change the refrigerant from R-22 to R-410A as well. This should help resolve any issue you’re having with short cycling.

Confirm there is No Damage to the Refrigerant Lines

If there is no damage to the refrigerant lines, it is usually because you’re using an electronic thermostat. If you have an electronic thermostat, try switching from Auto mode to Off mode.

After doing this, let your system cool down for 10-15 minutes before turning it back on. An electronic thermostat should kick start your compressor again.

Confirm Proper Ventilation Outside and Inside Your Home

AC systems need fresh air to work. So the best way to confirm if you have this problem is by checking if your vents are blocked. Check your outside vent (if you have one) and make sure it is not clogged with leaves or snow. Likewise, make sure your indoor vents are not clogged with dust, debris, or pet hair.

Once you’ve cleared out any blocking material in either of these locations, turn on your unit and see if it blows cold air. If it happens, there is nothing more that you need to do. Only make sure that the outdoor vent isn’t obstructed again!

Condenser fan running but not cooling

If you don’t know what’s going on with your unit, it might be worth looking for an inexpensive service call. However, if you want to diagnose and repair your own AC split compressor by doing some investigative work first, read on! Most likely, it can be fixed for a cheap price.

A split ac compressor that is not working but the fan is running is most likely caused by overheating of the compressor due to lack of refrigerant.

The compressor draws in cold air from outside and filters it through coils which are cooled by refrigerant pumped around them (cooling coil) before it compresses back into a gas (R-410A) and blows out as cold air into your house.

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The car AC compressor not working but the fan is running

There are three main components that make up your air conditioning system: an evaporator, condenser, and compressor. The evaporator transfers heat from inside your vehicle and releases it through the vents on your dashboard. The condenser is connected to the underside of your vehicle where it harnesses engine heat to transfer that air inside so you can cool off.

Lastly, there is the compressor which receives refrigerant in a high-pressure container before transferring it into low-pressure containers. Only in order for it to be circulated throughout the car. The way these three pieces work together creates cold air for you and your passengers by turning their warm cabin into cooler surroundings.

AC compressor humming but not starting

So, you have a split-type air conditioner that has run just fine for quite some time. But now when you turn it on it doesn’t start. A split-type air conditioner has two major components: the outside condenser and the inside evaporator.

The compressor is inside the evaporator. With this type of air conditioner, during operation, hot gas in the evaporator is cooled by coolant from refrigerant (either freon or R410A) to form a refrigerant vapor.

This newly formed vapor is then sent outside through ducts to be condensed and purified by an evaporator coil. Air conditioning with this system moves heat from your home into hot humid air before being released outside as very cold air.


If the compressor fails, will the AC fan still function?

The fans are just cooling coils with no power. The compressor is the source of power in the air conditioner. When it is not working properly, there will be no cool air coming out of the vents. If you’re still seeing cool air coming out of your vents, this might mean that your fan belt needs to be replaced or fixed.

If it turns out that you need a new compressor, don’t feel frustrated as this is relatively inexpensive. It should only take a few hours for professional technicians to install.

What to do if the compressor of the AC is not working?

When you find that your split AC compressor is not working and the fan is still running, the problem might be in one of these areas:

1) Defective fan capacitor.

2) Dirty condenser coil.

3) Defective fan motor (or defective blower assembly).

4) High ambient temperature causes a lack of refrigerant.

5) Contaminated system.

6) Contaminated electrical components (in contact with moisture).

7) Defective wiring connection.

What is the most common cause of compressor failure?

Heat can destroy an air conditioner if it is not handled properly. The two main causes of AC compressor failure are heat-related and electrical. Electrical issues, such as a short in the wiring or simply a tripped breaker, may only need to be addressed by an electrician. Heat-related damage usually requires more extensive repair work.

An air conditioner’s evaporator coil should never be exposed to temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time. So homes with large solar gain may require additional shading from trees or adding UV reflective materials on exterior walls, windows, and even garage doors.

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If your AC Compressor is Not Working But The Fan Is Running, there are many possible causes. One common problem that arises with AC units is that the compressor may have split. If your unit has suddenly stopped blowing cold air and you can see liquid running from under it or smell refrigerant, it is likely that this is what happened.

Luckily, fixing it does not require an HVAC professional. Many people have fixed their own split ac compressor by locating their local Freon supplier and buying small cans of R-22 gas. As well as a Freon valve wrench set which will come in handy when removing and replacing the coolant.

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